Geistlich Courses & Congresses

Advanced periodontal plastic and regenerative surgery

Turin, Italy
June 11th - 13th 2020
Prof Dr Daniele Cardaropoli


- Define a clinical decisional tree for the management of infrabony defects

- Understand the importance for preserving the interdental papilla in regenerative surgery

- Learn the surgical techniques to achieve gingival recession coverage

Periodontal disease may lead the creation of infra bony defects that may benefit from regenerative surgical procedures. Several surgical approaches have been developed during the years, with the aim of preserving the interdental papilla and develop flap designs in order to achieve optimal outcomes. The tridimensional anatomy of the bone defect, the difference between self-containing and non self-containing defects, will lead in the decision making process between the different biomaterials. Gingival recessions may have different etiology and may be treated using different techniques. CTG has been considered as the gold-standard in terms of percentage of root coverage and long-term stability. Scientific research has developed biomaterials as alternative to connective tissue.