Patient Information

How is Geistlich ­Derma-Gide® ­applied to my wound?


Your health care provider will ­begin by carefully ­cleaning and disinfecting the wound and will ­remove non-viable tissue.

Sizing and Shaping

Your health care provider will then trim and shape the advanced wound matrix to fit the size of your specific wound.


Once the wound is cleaned and the matrix is shaped, your health care provider will carefully place the Geistlich Derma-Gide® into your wound.

Your health care provider may also apply adhesive strips or sutures to secure the matrix into place.

Additional Wound Dressings

Your health care provider will ­apply multiple layers of ­different types of dressing on top of the Geistlich ­Derma-Gide® in order to protect the matrix and the wound.


Disclaimer: These instructions are general guidelines and do not replace ­instructions received from your health care provider. Always follow your health care provider’s directions.